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Welcome to the official website of the Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau!
Explore various kinds of sightseeing information about Shinjuku City, Tokyo.

Attractive of Shinjuku

Shopping, culture, entertainment... . Shinjuku City,
the city of many fascinating spots to see, is always full of many people.
Around Shinjuku Station, you can enjoy the largest shopping area where there are bustling streets and skyscrapers.
If you go on a little further, you can also visit museums, Noh theaters, and Shinto shrines.
Shinjuku overflows with many spots that enable you to feel Japan's unique culture
with its various attraction. Shinjuku brings you special experience.

Around Shinjuku Station Yotsuya Kagurazaka Takadanobaba, Waseda, Okubo Ochiai

The Area

Shinjuku Tourist Information

We now have Shinjuku Tourist Information Center that offers comprehensive information to visitors
about the many charms of Shinjuku as well as on sightseeing spots and events taking place in the area, and so on.
We can make your Shinjuku tour even more convenient and more fun.
We are fully ready to satisfy the ever-growing needs of tourists.

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